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Chances are, you don’t want to pore over my résumé. That’s boring, right? However, you would like to know a bit more about my experience and expertise, wouldn’t you? Here’s a brief rundown.

Fresh out of journalism school at the University of Kansas, I worked for a small-ish daily newspaper in Jefferson City, the state capital of Missouri. During most of my tenure there, I tracked down news revolving around state government, including the governor’s office and the Missouri House of Representatives. That experience helped put me at ease with comprehending complicated subjects, interviewing high-profile people and digging for details.

After a long stint in Jefferson City, I moved to the “big city” — St. Louis. There, I worked as a copy editor for a midsize daily newspaper and the St. Louis Business Journal. In those two positions, I honed my copy-editing skills. To this day, I’m a stickler for AP Style.

The copy-editing job at the St. Louis Business Journal was the launch pad for my next two positions — managing editor and editor of the Austin Business Journal. For almost seven years, I helped direct the editorial strategy there; at various times, I handled online news coverage, special sections, small business coverage and other responsibilities. The Austin Business Journal afforded me the opportunity to earn sort of a mini-MBA, leading to my ever-growing knowledge of and interest in business journalism.

Armed with all of that journalism know-how, I then set off on two tracks: freelance writing and content marketing.

As an on-again, off-again freelancer — I’m now in the “on” phase — I’ve covered a vast number of topics, including credit cards, personal finance, commercial real estate, health and wellness, and life in Austin. On any given day, you’ll find me developing an e-book about finances for newlyweds, putting together a blog post about data centers, drafting a press release about a multimillion-dollar business deal, researching the latest diet trends or quizzing a CEO.

As the content marketing chief at three companies (Bankrate Insurance, self-storage marketplace SpareFoot and lawn care provider LawnStarter), I developed and executed results-oriented, award-winning content marketing strategies that were tailored to various audiences. Today, I apply that experience to the consulting work I carry out on behalf of content marketing clients, whether we’re brainstorming infographic concepts or coming up with editorial calendars.

Equipped with the multifaceted experience and expertise you just read about, I’ve got the well-sharpened tools to nail down content marketing strategy, blog posts, e-books, case studies, PR strategy and so much more for your organization.

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